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We have been repairing and restoring clocks big and small in the Tampa bay area since 1944.

Boyd Clocks keeps their customers Clocks of all sizes chiming & cuckooing worldwide.

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Repairs are made to clocks that do not need rebuilding, restoration, or servicing. Repairs are usually small jobs that don't require too much time.

Examples of repairs would include:
• Replacing a suspension spring 
• Restringing a cuckoo chain
• Replacing broken glass
• Mending or replacing a broken hinge, chain, key, chime rod, hand, or gong.

Repairing a clock movement


Cuckoo clock Clock


A rebuild is necessary when a clock has run it's course, is worn out, and can no longer continue to run properly under it's own power source. A normal clock life span is 25-35 years, at that point it will need rebuilding. In order to achieve the 25-35 years a clock will run between rebuilding, it will need fresh oil regular intervals of 5-7 years.

What is rebuilding? A rebuild consists of:
• Complete Disassembly
• Cleaning
• Pivot Polishing
• Bushing Installation
• Parts Repair / Replacement / Remanufacture
• Adjustments
• Brass or Steel Polishing / Refinishing
• Lacquering
• Rust Removal / Corrosion Removal
• Spring Cleaning
• Spring Lubrication
• Realigning Wheels / Pinions
• Straightening Wheels 
• Straightening Pivots
• Replacing Broken Pivots
• Replacing Broken Gear / Pinion Teeth
• Resurfacing Escape Wheel Teeth (When Necessary)
• Resurfacing The Verge (When Necessary)
• Oiling
• Correcting Beat Errors
• Timing 
• Testing Various Features / Functions

Pendulum Clock

House Calls:

House calls may also include clocks that are difficult to move, or become a liability to transport due to their value. (French Bronze or English Bracket for example)

• Grandfather Clock Service Starts At $95.00 (Clean/Oil/Adjust)
• Tubular Clocks Service Starts At $125.00 (Clean/Oil/Adjust)


Large clock repair


If you can pack it we can fix it. Do not ship keys or glass panels. Also package any lose items like weight and pendulums separately. We do not recommend shipping a 6 foot Grand Father clock but many other clocks can be shipped, repaired and returned to you easier than you may think. Use a packing service to ship if you are unsure the best way to protect you valued timepiece. We accept all carries at our location. Call with any inquiries.